Happy ID

2008 September 27
by Xray

This evening is the Idil Fitri (or just ID) celebration that marks the end of Ramadan. It’s a big celebration in Muslim population centers around the world. In India, all the Muslim neighborhoods are out partying and celebrating. There are throngs of people on the streets. Chand and I had a late dinner near a muslim area behind the Taj hotel consisting of liver curry, butter chicken and seekh kabobs with roti. The place was a little crazy. It’s the Indian version of car-hop service. You pull your car up to the curb and a waiter pops the hood and puts a bottle under it to keep it level. He puts some newspapers on the hood to act as a table cloth then takes your order. Pretty soon lots of small dishes come from the general direction of the streetside BBQ and are placed on the hood of your car, serving as a picnic table. Quite a scene. Afterwards Chand challanged me with a beetlenut and beetle-leaf desert called Pan. It was all delicious.

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