Xi’an Day 1

2010 May 17
by Xray

May 16th/17th

Made the 17 hour trip from SFO to Xi’An in the Shaanxi province of China without incident.

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Crossed the date line. Picked up at the airport by Daniel, Jack, Tim and our Government driver, Special Agent Shaw. Daniel provided the local cell phone and laser pointer I had requested. Made it to the Embark Hotel near central Xi’an in no time and checked into room 1606. Informed that the Chinese Central Government was picking up the tab for anything I signed for, I promptly ordered a bottle of Dom Perignon, a bottle of Macallan’s,  a bowl a caviar, an order of Singapore fried noodles and a bowl of spicy dumplings for dinner.  I asked the front desk to send a tailor to take my suit measurements so I could look my best in a bespoke double breasted suit and fitted monogrammed shirt. The door bell rang and Ms. Fu, the tailor, arrived with some samples.

After selecting some fabric and styles, Ms. Fu took my measurements.  I told her to charge it to the room and bid her a good evening. The next day would be quite busy and I needed to ensure my mental fortitude.

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