Xi’an Day 5 – Good Good Study, Day Day Up!

2010 May 21
by Xray

Day 4: May 21st

“Good Good Study, Day Day Up!” – Mao Zedong

Took the morning to visit the site of the Terra Cotta Warriors. Really amazing. I was somewhat familiar with them but seeing them in person was awesome. Daniel, Ms. Li Li and I arrived just as the museum was opening for the day. We entered Pit #1 and had the whole place to ourselves for about 45 minutes before the throngs of tourists arrived. Being there by ourselves in the silence with the Terra Cotta Warriors was a zen like experience. I think there’s some kind of ionization in the air from all the iron in the soil of the excavation because it was somehow very calming.

We ate a simple dim-sum lunch and made it back to the Maya Group for an afternoon session with the staff at the Maya Group. Mr. Ree presented me with a calligraphic scroll drawn by his father that says “Imagination makes your dreams come true” in Chinese. Mr. Wong also presented me with a scroll that his father had painted by hand featuring a portrait of Emperor Qin who unified the three kingdoms, built the Great Wall and commissioned the Terra Cotta Warriors. During the first half I talked to them about best practices in production management. After that several of the staff members presented their personal works to me for critique.

The same group from the previous evening went to a very upscale and modern dining establishment for some alfresco riverfront dinner. I was a little sad knowing this was my last dinner on the trip but plans were laid out for my return and I learned some more Chinese drinking games as well as some quotes from Chairman Mao.

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