Day 8 – Pune, India

2008 September 28
by Xray

Flew from Mumbai to Pune this morning and met up with Chand on the flipside. He drove up with his sister, as well as Pratchi who is a modeler and Nupur who is a lighting lead on a Disney project in India titled “Roadside Romeo”. There was a last minute change of venue but the theater we presented in at MCCI media tower was very nice. The audience was a little smaller than in Mumbai but no less enthusiastic and the intimate setting was a nice change of pace. There were three guys I met who came from a small village outside Pune. (5th row, left side). I have not seen their work but I’m told they are amazing painters. They have very limited access to digital technology. Chand, Chaitan and some of the other folks I’ve been meeting are working on an initiative to get these disenfranchised artists access to the gear and training needed to nurture their development into the digital age.

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  1. YTLee permalink
    September 30, 2008

    I hope you get better curry out there than the banana leaf curry we had together in Singapore.

    Thanks for the great job you have done. Hope it’s a great trip for you too. Sorry that it’s so short.


  2. September 30, 2008


    The fish head curry on banana leaf at Apolo was excellent. The curry in India is also excellent. I think there’s a significant difference in the flavor profile but both are very good. I would not say one is better than the other as I think that really depends on the chef. There was one place in India where I thought the curry was much worse than the Apolo, but that’s probably because it was served at a classy hotel. The best stuff usually comes from some local joint or off some street vendors cart.

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