Wild Bear Meat at Okariba in Kyoto

2008 December 26
by Xray

Last night was had one of the most interesting dinners I have ever tasted. We ate at an izakaya in Kyoto called Okariba. The taisho, Aoki-san, hunts his own wild game, forages his own mushrooms, grows his own vegetables and raises his own bees and locusts. On the menu last night:

Grilled Wild Boar Skewers

Steamed Bear Shoulder in lemon shoyu

Bear rump

Smoked goose

Misoyaki Vegetables


Bees and bee larvae

While shitake mushrooms

Grilled pan fried tofu

Black Snake Whisky

Red Snake Whisky

Okinanwa Snake Whisky

Giant Killer Bee Whisky

Wasabe Leaf Salad

If you ever make it to Kyoto and are a serious carnivore this is the place to go for a unique experience. Aoki-san was charming and welcommed us to try each dish with an explanation of it’s origin including when and where he bagged it. His hunting rifles are proudly on display in the restaurant.

If society ever falls apart, I have a feeling Aoki-san will be right at home.

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